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Transformation Cleanse

360RMB /500ml 270RMB /325ml

300 RMB

Master Green 2x bottle(s)
Green Love 1x bottle(s)
Lean Greens 1x bottle(s)
Slim-o-nade 1x bottle(s)
Cashew Mylk 1x bottle(s)


This cleanse is made for green juice lovers and health nuts! Our most intense cleanse that digs DEEP inside the body to rid yourself of built up toxins that have been stored in the digestive system for years.  This cleanse will yield the biggest results from weight loss to glowing skin.  Transform your body from the inside out with this extremely powerful cleanse.

Add ons

  • Pure Coconut H20  

    60 RMB

  • Beauty Booster  

    25 RMB

  • Pollution Fighter  

    25 RMB

  • Flu Fighter  

    25 RMB

  • Energy  

    25 RMB

  • Detox  

    25 RMB

  • Immunity  

    25 RMB

  • Apple Cider Vinegar  

    15 RMB