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Restoration Cleanse

360RMB /500ml 270RMB /325ml

300 RMB

Lean Greens 1x bottle(s)
Pineapple Glow 1x bottle(s)
Master Green 1x bottle(s)
Slim-o-nade 1x bottle(s)
Green Love 1x bottle(s)
Cashew Mylk 1x bottle(s)


Restore your body back to a harmonious state with our intermediate cleanse. Recommended for people who have done the Purification Cleanse and are ready to increase the intensity. This cleanse will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and rid your body of unwanted fat and toxins.

Add ons

  • Pure Coconut H20  

    60 RMB

  • Beauty Booster  

    25 RMB

  • Pollution Fighter  

    25 RMB

  • Flu Fighter  

    25 RMB

  • Energy  

    25 RMB

  • Detox  

    25 RMB

  • Immunity  

    25 RMB

  • Apple Cider Vinegar  

    15 RMB