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Comfort Cleanse

250RMB /325ml

210 RMB

1 x 290ml 4 x 325ml

Master Green 1x bottle(s)
Cashew Mylk 1x bottle(s)
24 Carrot Gold 1x bottle(s)
Tomato Soup 1x soups(s)
Beet Booster 1x bottle(s)


In Winter our bodies want to stay healthy but enduring the cold means we crave warm, protein packed heavier foods. To help you satisfy these cravings while staying healthy and fit, we designed a cleanse that combines 4 of our 325ml signature juices and 2 hearty filling soups. This Winter stay warm, soothe your mind, body and belly with our Comfort Cleanse!

Add ons

  • Pure Coconut H20  

    60 RMB

  • Beauty Booster  

    25 RMB

  • Pollution Fighter  

    25 RMB

  • Flu Fighter  

    25 RMB

  • Energy  

    25 RMB

  • Detox  

    25 RMB

  • Apple Cider Vinegar  

    15 RMB

  • Immunity  

    25 RMB