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Bridal Cleanse

360RMB /500ml 270RMB /325ml

300 RMB

Green Love 1x bottle(s)
Pineapple Glow 1x bottle(s)
Refresh Mint 1x bottle(s)
Spicy Citrus 1x bottle(s)
Master Green 1x bottle(s)
Chia Mylk 1x bottle(s)


Before you say “ I Do” say “ I Cleanse” The bridal cleanse was designed to equally perfect every aspect of the body. We specially combined nutrients that targets weight loss, healthy hair skin and nails, mental clarity and even reduces stress and anxiety. This well rounded cleanse will get you picture perfect for your BIG day!

Add ons

  • Pure Coconut H20  

    60 RMB

  • Beauty Booster  

    25 RMB

  • Pollution Fighter  

    25 RMB

  • Flu Fighter  

    25 RMB

  • Energy  

    25 RMB

  • Detox  

    25 RMB

  • Apple Cider Vinegar  

    15 RMB

  • Immunity  

    25 RMB