Company intro/story

Born and raised in Arizona, Melissa has always been an advocate for healthy living. As a young gymnast and dancer, she went on to continue her athletic pursuits by attaining teaching certifications in both yoga and Pilates. Melissa always strove to teach others the importance of conditioning both mind and body. Her ideology fundamentally derived from the fact that maintaining a healthy lifestyle will naturally boost your body’s energy and your mind’s endorphins; simultaneously creating a long and happy life.

After moving from New York to Beijing, Melissa wanted to find a natural way to stay healthy in the city’s hostile environment. While researching the benefits of ‘Organic Cold Pressed Juicing’, a technique which uses organic ingredients to create vitamin packed juice, she began to experiment with the method herself. She quickly discovered fun and innovative ways to mix and match the organic contents into delicious new recipes. Even more so, she found that the results of her at-home cleanses left her body toned and glowing while her spirits remained naturally happy and energized.

It wasn’t long until word of Melissa’s home brewed organic cold pressed juices hit the streets of Beijing. Overcoming language and cultural barriers, Melissa rented a small studio and began to import fresh fruits and vegetables from the US. She dedicated her time to perfecting the recipes, and selling her juices to friends, neighbors, and colleagues. By 2014, Melissa opened up her first store in Dongzhimen, quickly followed by her second Shunyi shop in 2016. ‘Juice by Melissa’ was officially born.

To date, “Juice by Melissa” is the city’s leading distributor of cold pressed juices, now with an extensive selection of organic coffees, vegan foods, and healthy homemade treats. In May 2016, Melissa collaborated with 30 of the industry’s most influential healthy lifestyle advocates in organizing Beijing’s first ever “Health Week”. This weeklong dedication to health was just another stepping stone in Melissa’s lifelong goal to encourage people to build and maintain healthy habits. Now considered one of Beijing’s most influential health activists, Melissa will continue to inspire people city-wide to transform their bodies and minds one juice at a time. Find out more about Melissa’s quest for health here at