balloonssmallerverticalJUICE BY MELISSA’S STORY

Melissa has been an incredibly healthy and active person her entire life. From her professional gymnastics career to her yoga teaching days, fitness has certainly always been her forte. Upon entering the professional work force, she moved to New York City to work at a high-pressure marketing firm. Despite her success in this company, Melissa felt a huge void as she no longer had time for her athletics. Melissa knew she needed all natural energy to keep her inspired throughout the days so she turned to an up and coming fad that people were raving about- organic cold pressed juicing.

Juicing began to change Melissa’s life in ways she had never imagined. She was 100% more energetic, all of her skin flaws had cleared, she was naturally and effortlessly losing weight, and her overall health was in prime condition. It was then that Melissa realized there was just something about juice.

Then one day, under unplanned circumstances, Melissa packed her bags, left New York and moved to Beijing. As a juice addict, her first mission upon arriving was to seek out cold-pressed organic juice. With the toxic pollution levels and food contamination scares, she knew she needed juice more than ever. She was then more than let down to realize it just didn’t exist here.

She began teaching Yoga, and assumed through those channels she would finally find her beloved juice here in Beijing. With no one still able to provide any information, she realized she was out of luck. Melissa turned defeat into inspiration, and it was then that Juice By Melissa was born.

What began as give-aways at her Yoga studio quickly turned into a high demand delivery company; orders were flowing and customers were flocking. After a year of growing a brand for itself, Juice By Melissa had flawlessly started a juice revolution here in Beijing. Expansion was inevitable, so Juice By Melissa finally opened its first retail location with plans to open many more in the near future. Lookout for a store near you or visit our website,, to learn more and start living the juice life!


Juice By Melissa is here to bring you ‘the juice life’, an inspirational guide on how we can fill our lives with life’s essential nutrients. We want to teach people how to channel their goals through positivity because how to live a healthy life is commonly misconstrued by negative attitudes.

People have been more focused on what unhealthy products they should eliminate from their diets, rather than focusing on all the nutrient rich products they should add to their diets. Intaking nutrients improves your health, eliminating unhealthy products does not guarantee the same results. Come live the juice life with us to focus on the good, and forget about the bad.

Key practices of the juice life should entail a nutritious diet, detoxification through juicing, and self motivation. To make it easy for you, all of our products are prepared to cater to your lifestyle, providing you with the option to order here online with the click of a button and have your products delivered fresh directly to your doorstep. Or if you have time you can visit us in our store to checkout our brand new menu featuring our all organic smoothies, cold pressed coffees, and all raw healthy meals.

We also aim to provide an educational environment that focuses on teaching the ways of the juice life through workshops, seminars, and private consultations. Furthermore, we want the juice life to build within our juice store, serving as an inspirational health hub to all. Through positive motivation and by following our recommended daily practices we can all attain healthy living. As Melissa likes to say, “success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out”.